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Выполнение судоремонтных работ

В 2017 году на территории Калининградской области было образовано ООО «Альфа-Континент», основной целью которого является выполнение судоремонтных работ специалистами компании по заказам судоремонтных предприятий. В зависимости от категории ремонта...

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The Incredible Hulk(tm) Game


(c) 1994 Lewis Galoob Toys, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Excerpts from Game Genie(tm) Code Updates made available for the
private use of Game Genie owners. NO COMMERCIAL USE WITHOUT
AUTHORIZATION. This file may be freely distributed FOR PRIVATE,
NON-COMMERCIAL USE as long as it is not altered and all text
remains intact.
Game Genie is a product of Lewis Galoob Toys, Inc., and is not
manufactured, distributed or endorsed by Nintendo of America Inc.
Super NES is a trademark of Nintendo of America Inc. Game titles are
trademarks of their respective owners.
Game Genie is a trademark of Lewis Galoob Toys, Inc.
U.S. Patent No. 5,112,051.

The Incredible Hulk(tm) Game
Wizardry VI(tm) Game
Tetris 2(tm) Game
Disney's Beauty and the Beast(tm)

The Incredible Hulk(tm) Game
1 DFBD-CD6F Start with 1 life
2 D1BD-CD6F Start with 6 lives
3 DBBD-CD6F Start with 9 lives
4 D0BC-173B Get 4 shots from gun
5 DBBC-173B Get 9 shots from gun
6 F0BC-173B Get 20 shots from gun
7 4DB0-1F4B Get 20 seconds from time icon
8 0DB0-1F4B Get 40 seconds from time icon
9 8260-1465 + C2E9-44DF Don't take damage from most
10 F3BE-144B 2x energy from gamma capsules
11 DDB8-171B Gamma capsules act as mega-gamma capsules

12 C96D-CDC6 Infinite transformation capsules once picked
13 DA25-34A7 + DA34-47AD Super jump--sometimes
14 FB25-34A7 + FB34-47AD Mega-jump--sometimes
15 DCB7-44D0 MEGA damage from Hulk's uppercut
16 DCB1-4FD0 MEGA damage from Hulk's head butt
17 D0B7-44D0 x4 damage from Hulk's upper cut
18 D0B1-4FD0 x4 damage from Hulk's head-butt
19 C260-4746 Energy doesn't go down when Hulked-out
20 DDB2-1F0F Start on level 2
21 4DB2-1F0F Start on level 3
22 0DB2-1F0F Start on level 4
23 6DB2-1F0F Start on level 5
The Incredible Hulk and related names are trademarks of Marvel
Entertainment Group, Inc.

Wizardry VI(tm) Game
1 8288-A491 The whole party doesn't take damage from
normal enemy attacks (doesn't protect from poison or certain magic
2 4DBF-DD27 Create a character and he has a lot of gold
Wizardry VI is a trademark of Sir-Tech Software, Inc.

Tetris 2(tm) Game
1 9DBD-3DF4 Select any round (1-player mode only)-at
round select meter, keep pressing 'right' on d-pad
2 CBC5-4FDC + DDC5-4F0C + DDC5-4F6C Tile speed always at 0
3 CBC5-4FDC + EEC5-4F0C + DDC5-4F6C Tile speed always at
4 6DB1-346B More time to place the blocks where you want
them-even after they hit the ground (left and right only once on
Tetris 2 is a trademark of Elorg.

Disney's Beauty and the Beast(tm)
1 3CC8-3D0A Don't take damage from some enemies
2 4AC8-47A8 No loss of light when the candle runs off the
3 C265-6407 Infinite flower time
4 3C6F-4F00 Invinciible after getting hit
5 3CC0-376A + 3CC0.37AA invincible-turn off to pick rocks
up-spikes still do damage
6 EE66-4FAA Death flash time is longer
7 C2E0-DF0F Infinite continues
Disney's Beauty and the Beast is a trademark of The Walt Disney